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MY PENANG - Penang Food

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What to eat in Penang

Penang is always the choice destination for a food adventure.  You will find a wide array of delicious food - from sweet snacks at roadside stalls to specialty cuisines in topnotch restaurants.  Learn about what to eat and Penang food in myPenang and get a list of some of the best restaurants or hawker food stalls in George Town.


Penang Hawker Fare

To get the real taste of Penang you have to sample the infinite array of hawker food (street food). Hawker food refers to the variety of snacks, noodles and rice dishes that are usually served hot and fast, and are readily available at roadside stalls or coffee shops.  Sample the best of Malaysia's street food. Some of Penang's famous and popular street food are:

Mee Jawa - Noodle dish of Penang

Mee Jawa Penang

What to eat in Penang






Hokkien Mee - Yellow noodles and rice noodles served with prawn and pork soup, garnished with egg and prawns - a specialty of the Hokkiens of Penang.

Penang Hokkien Mee - Malaysia Prawn Noodles



Laksa - Rice noodles in spice, sour fish flake light gravy. This noodle dish popular in Penang and the northern part of West Malaysia.

 Laksa - Malaysian noodle dish

where to eat


Lor Mee - Rice noodles or yellow wheat noodles served with starchy, thick gravy made from egg, soya sauce, tapioca flour, etc. This dish is common only in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

Penang Lor Mee - malaysian noodle dish



Curry mee -Rice or wheat noodles (yellow noodles) served with curry gravy cooked from chillies, santan and curry spices.

Penang Curry Mee - Malaysia Curry Noodles

where to eat


Char Kueh Teow/ Char Kway Teow

Flat rice noodles fried with prawns, bean curd and egg. Penang Char Kway Teow is synonymous to Penang and famed throughout Asia.  Recipe at myFood domainPenang Char Kway Teow



Chee Cheong Fun

Broad flat rice noodles served with a sweet sauce


Penang Chee Cheong Fun


where to eat

Kueh Teow T'hng/Kway Teow Theng

Flat rice noodle with soup and bouncy fish balls

Penang Kueh Teow Soup and Fishball Soup


where to eat


Mee Rebus

Wheat (yellow) noodles served with thick spicy gravy made from potatoes, garnished with tau knua, chillies, spring onions. (Similar to mee jawa)

Mee Jawa

Chinese style mee rebus. Of yellow noodles served with thick grave made from potatoes and curry spices, garnished with egg, tau knua/bean curd, etc.

Mee Jawa / Mee Rebus Malaysia

Jui Hu Eng Chai

Cuttlefish with vegetables served with a sweet sauce made from beans  



where to eat







Mee Rebus

Wheat (yellow) noodles served with thick spicy gravy made from potatoes, garnished with tau knua, chillies, spring onions. (Similar to mee jawa)

Mee Jawa

Chinese style mee rebus. Of yellow noodles served with thick grave made from potatoes and curry spices, garnished with egg, tau knua, etc.

Malaysian Fish Curry - often served with Nasi Kandar


Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked with coconut milk served with egg, chillies and anchovies.

See recipe atmyFood domain

Nasi Lemak Malaysia - coconut rice in banana leaves



where to eat




Lobak & Hare Chnee

Crispy meat rolls and prawn fritters. One of the best of Penang Street food.


Pisang Goreng

Fried banana fritters.

Goreng Pisang - Malaysian fried banana fritters



where to eat




Teh Tarik

Bubbly Aerated tea


Tropical Fruit Juices

Available at most coffee shops

- Pineapple Juice

- Guava Juice

- Watermelon juice

- Mango Juice

pineapple of Malaysia


Ais Kacang / ABC (Ais Batu Campur)

Shaved ice served with fruit cocktail, syrup and sometimes topped with ice cream

Ais Kacang - ice dessert Malaysia




 Kueh/ kuih/ cakes

Nyonya kueh

‘Kueh’ or 'kuih' in Malaysia refers to variety of Malaysian cakes and snacks, usually taken by Malaysians for breakfast, afternoon tea or as a light supper or meal. Nonya/Nyonya kueh is usually made from rice flour and steam cooked. These kueh has acultural mix of Malays and Chinese (see Nyonya origin).

Some types of Nonya kueh includes:         ang koo kuih, bee koh, huat kueh, kueh koci, pulut inti, kuih kodok, kueh talam, lampar udang, etc....

Penang Nonya Kuih



mee koo kueh, Malaysia

mee koo kueh

Kueh wrapped in banana leaves

kuih muih Malaysia (Malaysian cakes


where to eat

Recipe here


Laksa stall, PenangFavourite question from Food Lovers: 

Where do I get the best Char Koay Teow and Hokkien Mee in Penang? What's good at Swatow Lane? Where is the Gurney Drive Hawker Centre or Island GLades?  

Where to eat Penang hawker food

Coffee shops - shops that are usually not air-conditioned but with wide open doors,  where you can get a drink or meal or rice or noodles - lunch dinner or supper. There are numerous coffee shops all over town. Some of the best hawker food in Penang are in these shops.

Roadside stalls - consists of hawker stalls (street vendors) selling a variety of street food or drinks. You will find more roadside stall at night, or in the morning when it is cool. Many Penangites dine at these stalls. Penang is know as for her hawker food.

Food courts - holds many hawker stalls at a location, which can be open air (usually open at night) or in an shopping mall.

 .......Get all your answers in My Penang. The book comes with numerous maps showing where some of the popular hawkers stalls are and lists a selection of places to taste the popular Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Char Koay Teow or Rojak stalls. Get description of hawker food and lots of photos to guide you on your eating spree .

where to eat


Tambun Biscuits - local Penang specialityTambun Biscuit & Nutmeg - popular local biscuit that are excellent gifts for visitors from outside Penang. Where to buy:

1) Ghee Hiang, No 95, Lebuh Pantai ; and 216 Jalan Macalister, George Town;


2) Him Heang Sdn. Bhd., 162-A Jalan Burma, George Town.

3) Tean Ean Local Products, 90 Jalan Sultan Ahmed Shah, George Town, Penang

4) Chowrasta Market, Penang Road, Penang- stalls sell many brands

5) Penang Airport and shopping malls

Where to eat in Penang

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Nyonya Cuisine

Penang is also the place to sample Nyonya (sometimes spelt Nonya) cuisine. Nyonya food is a blend of Malay and Chinese cooking styles and ingredients but Penang Nyonya cooking has Thai influences due to the proximity to Thailand. The taste of Nyonya cooking is unique and the cooking style is a time consuming and meticulous art resulting in its distinct flavour. When in Penang, try out some of these unique popular Nyonya Cuisine:

Pickled dishes

Acar Ikan (Pickled Fish)

Acar Awak (Pickled Vegetables)


Rice dishes

Nasi Ulam - Rice with shreded herbs, vegetables and salted fish

Nasi Kunyit - Glutinous rice cooked with tumeric and coconut milk and served with chicken curry

Nasi Lemak - rice cook in coconut milk and served with sambal ikan billis

Nasi Tomato - rice cooked with tomatos and spices

Nasi goreng - fried rice prepared in Malay (nasi goreng kampung) and Chinese (nasi goreng Cina) styles

Nasi Kunyit - Yellow glutinous rice


recipe at myFood domain

Seafood dishes


Perut Ikan (Veg. curry with fish intestines)

Asam Pedas (Light, sour fish curry)

Otak-otak (Steamed spicy fish cake)

Chili Crab (Spicy stor fried crab)

Asam Pedas

Vegetable dishes


Popiah (Spring rolls)

Perut Ikan (Vegetable and herb curry with fish intestines)

Jiu Hoo Char (Fried vegetables with cuttle fish)

Acar Awak (Pickled vegetables)

Achar timbun (pickled, spiced cucumber)

Sambal belacan (Chilli mix)

Jiu Hu Char - Penang Nonya fried vegetable recipe

Malaysian cakes

Malaysian cakes usually of rice, rice flour, other flour and is usually steamed. Examples of kueh:

Nyonya kueh (which is of Sino-Malay origin)


Kueh Kaya / kuih kaya - glutinious rice cake


Nyonya Food originates from the Peranakans or Baba and Nonyas. Baba and Nyonya refer to early Chinese migrants who came to the Malay peninsular from the 18th century to 19th century. Some married Malays or are decendents of 'old' Chinese families who assimilated many cultural practices of the Malays into their Chinese culture. Though their cultural practices and spoken dialect differ from that of Chinese, they are administratively not classified as a cultural group and are classified as Chinese. (Nyonya is spelt Nonya in Singapore) ...details in My Penang



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